All readings can be done in any communication format.  In person, phone, Skype, even email.  Whatever way you prefer to have the experience, I can accommodate.


Psychic Readings:  ($2 min)  During this time we can cover past lives, lost loved ones, new directions, opportunities, career, health, relationships…there are no limits to what can dive into.  We can do the reading over the phone, in person, even over email or Skype.  Let me know what works best for you.

Psychic Readings


Couples Reading: ($100/Hour)  Come with a friend, family or lover.  Come get a reading together to gain insight into what’s working well, what might need a reboot and what a future together might look like.

Couples Reading


Mystical Creatures Reading: ($100) Which mystical creature connects with you? Pegasus, a mermaid, the unicorn, the griffin? How about the sphynx or the dragon?

Mystical Creature Reading and Artwork


Master Combo Reading: ($80)  This is a reading expereince with two different experts in their field.  Spend 15 minutes with Philip Young, PhD as he gives you a powerful tarot expericene and right after that reading, spend 15 minutes with Elizabeth Rouse to get a message directly from Source.  See how these messages from two different readers overlap and where they differ.  Truly a powerful experience.

Master Combo Readings


Party Package: Give me a call and let’s taylor something special for your event!  Typically a 2 hour event would be about $300.  Travel charges may apply.

Party Package


Custom Mediation Artwork: ($100) Are you looking for some special for your alter?   A special gift?  Something to help you focus your mediation on?  Elizabeth will divinely download a custom artwork piece especially for you based on what you need most.  See samples.

Custom Meditation Artwork
Want a specific size?


Tarot Readings:  ($60 / 30 minutes)  This is a 10 card reading where we do a deep dive into a specific question or concern.  We can do the reading over the phone, in person, even over email or Skype.  Let me know what works best for you.

Tarot Reading


Tea Leaves Readings: ($75/30 minutes).  READINGS ARE IN PERSON ONLY.  Pick a cup, pick your tea, get a reading from me and the best part, keep your cup!

Tea Leaf Reading


Psychic Skills Workshop:  ($55* per person / minimum of 4 people)  Do you have a couple friends and a couple hours and want to learn how to start reading for yourself?  I will provide a 2 hour workshop for you to help get you on the right track.  Call me to schedule.


Giving Back: Are you a veteran or do you want to connect with a veteran?  See my giving back offer.


Intuition Development Play Dates (Coaching): ($50/Hour/4 session minimum) You want to go deeper into learning these skills?  Build confidence to be able to read for others?  Let’s schedule some play dates to get you ready!  I’ll create a safe space for you to explore tools and provide you practice before leaping out of your comfort zone.  I’ll continue to support you as you spread your wings.  This is a two-way relationship and I am picky about who I work with.  My time is limited and only want to work with others who are serious and teachers in their own right.   Typically we would meet one – on -one one or two times  per month for 4 to 6 months.  Contact me if you are interested in applying.


My Teaching Approach:


Teaching Approach: YES! I do believe everyone is or can be psychic. I am a teacher and I believe the best teachers are those that help the student find their own answers. A great teacher is wise enough to ask the right questions at the right time to facilitate self-discovery. I am a teacher that shares stories and experiences of my own learnings, but understands that the student must take his or her own journey and that the student’s journey might be much different from my own.

A teacher is like a compass, always pointing true north that a student can use as a tool to find the path they desire to take. If you are looking for a teacher to help you explore your spiritual gifts and believe in the philosophy that I have written above, feel free to contact me. We’ll discuss what you are looking for and I’ll see if I can help.