Elizabeth Rouse

If you have found your way to my website, you are probably ready for a change in your life.  I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to reach out to me.  Together let’s discover what’s in your way of living the life you wish for!

My Mission: By playing with possibilities,  I help others peer into their life,  find the best version of themselves and empower them to be THAT with wild abandonment.

Photo Elizabeth Rouse
Elizabeth Rouse
Student, Teacher, Leader: Always self-disciplined, hardworking and striving for truth, Elizabeth completed her formal education as a chemist. Since, she has led a successful career at a Fortune 100 company. She has a gift for training and public speaking. Since 2000 she has been trained and has worked as an executive coach and in process management as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Creator, Artist, Writer: All her life Elizabeth has been a practicing artist. In 2003 while working with her daughter on a painting project, creations started to be divinely downloaded and created through her. This artwork has led the way for Elizabeth to open herself to Spirit for deeper spiritual work.

Spirit, Intuitive, Healer: Through Elizabeth’s maternal linage, she has many talented psychics in her family.  She herself didn’t have her own experiences until her teenage years.   She has actively used the tarot as a critical thinking tool since 1999 and was attuned in Reiki in 2010, she started providing psychic readings to others in 2012.

Daughter, Wife, Mother: Elizabeth’s personal relationships have been where she finds her greatest life lessons. Patience, balance and truth drive her at the core.

Sample Reading: Courtesy of Kelly, Journalism Student, a recording of her first reading experience.

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